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Towns and Cities in Motion – Regions in Flux

Towns and cities have shaped European society. They are the places where personal responsibility, civic engagement and autonomous administration have been developed, tested and adopted – and where they continue to be highly successful.

We know that positive development of our towns and cities is vital for social cohesion, sustainable economic power and a high quality of life. And we believe passionately in the importance of shaping inter-communal cooperation, regional partnerships and rural development – in short, the interaction of town, city and countryside. For us, it is undeniable that the strength of towns, cities and regions is increasingly dependent on dynamic alliances and interaction between people and businesses.

Towns, cities and regions need experts who can precisely analyse their current circumstances and who know when to set the cogs in motion – and just which cogs should be a part of the machine. This is something we’ve believed in for more than 25 years: our guiding principle is always the public interest and thus, in the best sense of the phrase, the common good. We provide public bodies – cities, towns, districts and municipalities – and even state and federal ministries, housing companies and monument owners with customised support and expert advice.

Integrated Urban Development


To strengthen our towns and cities – their central areas, residential estates and urban quarters – sophisticated policy plans, adaptable projects and efficient process control are required. These must take into account all the issues and operational layers of communal development.

With our policy plans, we promote interplay and synergy between home, life and work; between infrastructure, traffic, trade, tourism, culture; and between people. We mobilise short and long-term commitment on the part of citizens and entrepreneurs, thereby strengthening people’s identification with their towns, cities and municipalities.

For active urban development, we formulate implementation-oriented strategic plans, supervise competition processes and renovation/construction projects of various sizes, develop project ideas, and steer their development. And this is always done with an eye for the uniquely feasible, and always with the focus on sustainable development.

Historic Towns and Cities


Historical city centres and buildings worthy of preservation are attractive location factors. A modern framework is provided for urban design and for the unique way in which the contemporary architecture of any individual town or city is shaped based on its existing and historical architectural identity; cultural and creative scenes get an inspiring home, and retailers, craft trades and tourism experience a unique upturn. Continuing city and town-specific histories and stories and shaping a contemporary urban life – there are hardly any places more beautiful than the historic town or city.

With our knowledge and our more than 25 years of experience in urban planning, heritage preservation, real estate management and tourism, we stand for a responsible approach to historical building stock. We know that the continuous development of the historic city is bespoke work. 

We are well acquainted with legal processes, and with our expertise in financing and funding, we are the right partner for UNESCO World Heritage sites, redevelopment areas, historic neighbourhoods and individual monuments.

Economic Development


Digitisation, internationalisation, and Industry 4.0 – companies and locations must always react flexibly to changes. Economic development means creating the right parameters for this: through the provision of space and modern infrastructure, contemporary transport solutions, active support for skilled labour, and location marketing.

With our expertise, we identify local strengths and opportunities, assess the competitive situation in the region, and prioritise the potentials for location development. We understand the latter as a partnership project, and we bring entrepreneurs to the table alongside figures from the transport infrastructure sector, the labour market sector, the research, education and academic sectors, and the marketing industry.

As strategists, moderators and partners, we supervise individual locations and intercommunal partnerships/regional business cores, develop spaces and infrastructures, help in finding and retaining skilled labour, and provide support for location marketing.

Regional and Rural Development

Urban-Rural Relationship and Public Services

Regional cooperation and development is inconceivable without inter-communal cooperation. Primary care and local amenities, transport links and demographic change – these are significant challenges in rural areas. The talent and commitment of local stakeholders are simultaneously our yardsticks and our guiding principles.

With intuition and experience, we analyse the external factors influencing the region, highlight future prospects, and develop feasible projects. We design appropriate governance models, support and encourage local partners, and we approach small-scale and individual projects with the same joy as we have for large – even cross-border – projects.

We act as regional managers to ensure the best possible urban-rural futures. We also formulate supply, transport, and infrastructure solutions for municipalities and districts and put together regional development strategies and foundations for national and European funding programmes.

Multi-Level Governance

Participation and Consultancy for Organisations

Urban development is a cooperative process. Citizens want and need to be part of the conversation and the decision-making process – and they want and need to shoulder responsibility together. The task of cities, towns, districts and municipalities is to enable active participation. Successful participation requires rigorous decision-making channels and appropriate control models, but also communication, public relations work and transparency.

With professionalism, we put in place individual participatory processes that set a binding framework and motivate people to get involved. At the same time, we are as innovative and eager to experiment as our clients, and we love to participate, especially on site and right in the thick of it.

We also use our skills in mediation, moderation and expert consultancy to establish and consolidate structures that are professionally capable and efficient to administer, both for local governments and municipal companies. And we do so always focused on the individual task and with clear time limits.

About Our Company

complan Kommunalberatung – cK for short – is a municipal consultancy agency that has grown continuously since 1991, taking on new tasks and new employees and adapting to new requirements, today operating nationwide. Despite growth and change, we have always remained true to one founding principle: the project and the unique assignment are always front and centre.

We pool our diverse skills according to the individual needs of the project, put together the right team, and ensure rapid responsiveness and expert representation. Quality assurance is an integral part of our daily work.

Two managing directors and a team of experienced project managers and experts ensure that specialists and supporting staff interact with maximum efficiency. Our constructive and open working atmosphere promotes the exchange of ideas within the team and contributes to the development of viable and individual plans and solutions.

That’s the reason for our watchwords: Project-focused. Personal. And a perfect fit.


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